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  • Most color is available in this USB light.
  • The Source type of this USB is LED Light.
  • The power Source of this product is Battery Powered.
  • Flexible Rubber and easy to pack after use.
  • Brand-E-COSMOS
  • Special Feature-use in night study and easy to take it anywhere for use.

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USB LED Light Lamp

Portable, Easy to Use – Its small size makes it very comfortable that you can use it easily. After using that, you can pack it in a bag and keep it.

LED Lights for Maximum Illumination – You can use it when there is a need for more light. It gives you maximum light.

Plugin Any USB Port – You can plug the USB into any port.

MultiPurpose Energy Use – The USB light performs all the functions like using energy.

It is easily available to you with 1 USB pack.

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